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Light Hearted Tales

Article – 17 January 2018

Oman attracts Top Global Talent

Press – 1 October 2015

How to Hire a Master

Article – 12 January 2015

BBC Radio 4's Jolyon Jenkins interviews Dr Curly Moloney and Dr Helen Yallop from Moloney Search.

Senior Professionals Face 'Loss of Identity'

Press – 18 September 2013

Recruitment Editor at the Financial Times, Peter Whitehead, discusses the part work plays in defining the identity of senior professionals.

Expensive, manipulative and secretive? Demystifying the practice of Headhunting

Article – 9 July 2013

Dr Helen Yallop, who heads up the Education Practice at the headhunting company Moloney Search, and who is also a Research Fellow at King’s College London, addresses some of the misconceptions, and suggests ways of getting the most out of Executive Search Consultants, whether as client or candidate.

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