Top 10 Tips for Productive Home Working

Article   –   24 March 2020

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the shift that many companies are making to remote working, we have put together a list of the top 10 ways to ensure working from home is as productive as possible!

  1. Get up at your normal time to start the day - try to maintain your routine as much as possible.
  2. Put on work attire to get you into the right mindset.
  3. At the start of each day, arrange a video call with one of your colleagues or peers; set the day up and discuss what you both plan to achieve. At the end of the day go through the list with someone and tick off what you did.
  4. Regularly check in with others using phone or video call services, this will help keep feelings of isolation at bay and prevent cabin fever.
  5. Set aside an area of your home as your ‘office’ – this way you can separate work and play.
  6. Take breaks and be sure to leave your new office to stretch your legs. It’s easy at home to not move around much but taking a short walk will clear your head (walking releases endorphins which will help with your wellbeing).
  7. Make sure to go outside regularly to get fresh air, maybe take a morning walk before you start your day to get yourself into work mode. If a colleague lives nearby try go for a short walk together to decompress.
  8. Aim to speak on the phone to someone at least every hour and reach out to one extra person even if you don’t need to speak to them - it will help them as well as you.
  9. Establish boundaries with anyone else in the house during the working day.
  10. Regularly check in with yourself to see what is working/not working and make the necessary changes to help set yourself up for success. 
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