High and low, the search for answers

Press   –   by Clay Harris   –   ‘Mudlark’, Financial Times   –   5 January 2007

Even though it has been brighter and milder than usual, the first week of post-holidays re-entry has been as difficult as ever.

To the rescue comes Curly Moloney, boss of headhunter Moloney Search, with her annual review of the old year’s highlights and “lowlights”. The firm’s turnover went up by 120 per cent, but the lowlights make the best reading:

  • A client who thought he was stroking a dog under the table at the briefing meeting, but was actually caressing the consultant’s furry handbag.
  • A managing director who forgot to press the mute button during a conference call and then said of his own procurement manager: “are they always this dense or did we hand-pick this one specially?”
  • A manufacturing client from the north of England who, when asked about the company’s diversity policy, replied: “Is that when we give them something free in the canteen at lunchtime?”
  • The prospective candidate who said: “I know you aren’t going to put me forward, but would dinner for two in Le Gavroche make a difference?”
  • And another: “I know I shouldn’t ask, but does this job come with a gong?”

MUDLARK 7 January 2007
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