Michael Rolph has been appointed CEO of Monavate

Article   –   1 January 2022

Monavate are an innovative and cutting-edge Fintech founded in 2020 who initially specialised in card issuing for schemes.  They are unique in the payments marketplace as they focus on both card acquisition and issuing. They are also the first cloud-only BIN Sponsorship platform.

Michael Rolph, co-founder and now Chairman of Yoyo Wallet has been appointed as the Chief Executive of Monavate. Yoyo Wallet is one of the worlds leading loyalty, CRM and Ordering platforms with over 5.5m users across 14 countries, powering merchant relationships with their customers through millions of monthly transactions. Prior to Yoyo Wallet, Michael has held senior executive positions at a number of Fintechs over his 15-year career.

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