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Our aim is to give every young Londoner a great experience of competitive sport – by running events that people want to compete at, coach at and volunteer at. Our competitions in 30 different sports, from Archery to Weightlifting, make a real difference to the sporting experience of more than 20 thousand young Londoners and create a legacy of more community clubs, more volunteers and more athletes who point to LYG as the reason they started in sport.

Some of our athletes go on to compete at the highest level and point to LYG as important to their development. They include World and Olympic Champions, such as Mo Farah, Christine Ohuruogu and Bradley Wiggins. We are proud of them and like to think we have helped along the way, but what makes us even more proud are the individual stories of the impact of the Games on almost a million ordinary Londoners.

Our work is focused on four areas:

London Youth Games

An annual games for all young Londoners, the event has been going since 1977 and has great prestige and heritage in youth sport. Our competitions give all young people access to inspiring events and support community cohesion through creating a shared sense of identity. Our ambition is to deliver fun and meaningful events to over 100,000 Londoners with a diverse and engaging offer and to create opportunities for young people from every London neighbourhood.

School Games

A series of school based competitions to increase the impact of sport and leadership in schools. Our ambition is to involve every London school in competing, volunteering or performing at our events.


Our volunteering programme giving our partners and all Londoners an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to deliver inspirational sport to young people and a make a positive impact on their community. Over 3000 people volunteer as part of the Games, and our ambition is to make this the leading sports volunteering programme – through our training, deployment and recognition programme.

Development Projects

Working with our partners we will develop projects which overcome hurdles young people have to become involved in sports and volunteering. Our ambition is for these projects to support our aim of access for all and create a legacy of clubs and volunteers.



As the figure head and leader of the London Youth Games, the role will focus on continuing to establish the London Youth Games as the preeminent youth sporting tournament in London. The role holder will drive policy, lead on strategy, develop effective partnerships with Local Authorities and strategic commercial relationships with external stakeholders. The role holder will work with the Board and Chair of the London Youth Games to deliver an agreed strategy to further embed the London Youth Games across Greater London and build on the successes of previous years.

The role will be expected to provide proactive first class leadership to the management team and staff to ensure an effective, sustainable operation is built and to provide the Local Authorities with a high quality and interactive product to deliver their individual requirements. The role has a remit to foster and grow sport in general across London by driving an increase in young people taking part in sport and developing a competition framework in accordance with the National Governing Bodies of all participating sports.

As CEO of the London Youth Games, the role holder will also be expected to provide (as required) leadership and direction for all organisation activities including a focus on and responsibility for the following:

  • Managing the London Youth Games overall presence in the UK and representing the London Youth Games on key government committees across London.
  • Managing and promoting the London Youth Games and delivering all elements of the strategy including an internal business plan with clear participation and financial targets.
  • Accountability to the Chair and the Board of the London Youth Games for delivery of the approved strategy, budget and overall financial health of the London Youth Games.
  • Acting as a brand ambassador for the London Youth Games in the market place with existing and potential sponsors.
  • Work with the financial advisor and the Board of the London Youth Games to set budget approvals to ensure that expenditure is controlled in line with budgets as approved by the Board. Put appropriate schemes of delegated authority and management controls in place.
  • Work with the Board of the London Youth Games to establish a human resources structure that is efficient and cost effective in line with financial resources available. Once established, maintain people management standards and processes which ensures people understand their roles, what their contribution is and maximises the potential of each employee in keeping with the mission, vision and values of the London Youth Games.
  • Managing effective networks with all key clients, stakeholders supporters and influencers at a senior level for the London Youth Games and developing / delivering a business development plan that maintains existing funding sources and attracts financial support to the London youth Games from public, commercial and private sources.
  • Delivery and accountability for the provision of excellent, safe sporting tournaments for the London Youth Games overall.
  • Overseeing and directing the London Youth Games relationship with all Local Authorities and relevant Government Bodies.
  • Creating an infrastructure within the London Youth Games that is right sized for the current operating environment ensuring appropriate resource and skills are deployed to enable the London Youth Games to run effectively.
  • Providing strategic guidance to all Local Authorities, London Schools and other relevant bodies that seek to make the London Youth Games part of their strategic and operational plans into the future.
  • Acting as a central point of co-ordination for and ensuring co-operation between all Local Authorities, National Sports Governing Bodies and external commercial partners of the London Youth Games.
  • Ensuring that an appropriate governance and control environment is deployed and managed to facilitate all existing and future operations of the London Youth Games including the effective oversight and governance for the London Youth Games.
  • Ensure that an inclusive and cooperative work environment is adhered to by all.
  • Leading the London Youth Games delivery team to drive the continued growth of the London Youth Games including the clear goal setting and performance assessments.
  • Leading and applying consistent approaches and best practices across the London Youth Games.
  • Acting as a “trusted adviser” to the Chair and the Board of the London Youth Games.
  • Visibly championing the values of the London Youth Games in all aspects of the job and embedding them into the culture of the London Youth Games whilst overseeing a robust control and audit environment.


  • Comply with all London Youth Games policies and procedures including all HR policies and procedures.

  • Alert the Chair and the Board of the London Youth Games immediately of any significant changes to business risks and internal control effectiveness.

  • Comply with all Security and Health & Safety policies and procedures operating within the organisation.


Our four values reflect what we are, how we do things, and where we increasingly want to be. They are what guide our decisions and we feel the most important ingredients to making our competitions special:-

Be Passionate

We are passionate about sport, about getting young people active and contributing to their community and most importantly passionate about the competitions and events we stage.

Have Fun

We inject fun into everything we do in the lead up to, during and after the events, recognising that having fun is one of the main reasons people compete and volunteer (and work with us!)


We play to our strengths and recognise strengths in others. We are inclusive & love team work and empowering people.

Be Ambitious

Like every good athlete, we want to achieve great things we want to improve constantly, we are competitive and we care about the result.

Core Competencies

  1. Establishing Strategic Direction – Establishing and committing to a long-range course of action to accomplish the long-range goals and vision of the London Youth Games after analyzing factual information and assumptions taking into consideration resources, constraints and organizational values.
  2. Developing Strategic Relationships  Given the complex stakeholder environment, use appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to influence, collaborate and build effective relationships with Local and Central Government, External Sponsors, National Governing Bodies and other appropriate individuals (e.g. functional partners, external vendors and alliance partners).
  3. Building Organisational Talent Attracting, developing and retaining talented individuals. Providing timely coaching, guidance and feedback to help others maximize their potential and meet key accountabilities. Using appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to develop, motivate and guide a team toward successful outcomes and attainment of the objectives of the London Youth Games.  Develop and lead a high performing management team that can work together effectively to meet the objectives of the organization.
  4. Business Management – Utilising accurate budgetary / resource management, strong process / procedure oversight, effective controls and governance, clear communication skills and generic business management capabilities to run the organisation.
  5. Change Leadership Continuously seeking (or encouraging others to seek) opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities faced by the London Youth Games.
  6. Driving Execution Translating the strategy of the London Youth Games into operational reality. Breaking down strategic priorities or initiatives into key tasks and identifying accountabilities. Aligning communication, people, culture, processes, resources and systems to ensure effective implementation and delivery of required results.


London Youth Games Chair and Board
Direct reporting relationship. Provision of strategy and execution of the London Youth Games and reporting on all key elements from financials through to operational delivery.

External Funding Partners
Advocacy and provision of monitoring and evaluation of ROI on investments into London Youth Games.

Local Authorities / Partners
To embed the Games in the development plans of all local sports partners to ensure buy-in for the future plans for the London Youth Games.

To support the growth and quality of local competition and the overall integration of competitions into the London Youth Games.

To drive forward new opportunities for growing the competition programme for London schools and other ways of engaging schools in London to be involved in the Games.

County Sport Partnership Young People Leads
To oversee and manage the link between school and community sport.

London Schools
To support the schools in their development initiatives (in particular where these relate to competition and related activities) and to ensure the reporting and monitoring of relevant London Youth Games activities is completed. Where appropriate advocate the Games to Heads of PE and (Head) Teachers to support the objective of raising participation.

Colleagues and Volunteers
To ensure the effective delivery of the London Youth Games and to ensure the best possible quality of experience for the participants and volunteers.

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