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In a marketplace where it is increasingly difficult to identify and attract the best graduates, we are acknowledged leaders in this field.

Our expertise is centred on our comprehensive and established network with global universities. When combined with our research and reputation, it enables us to identify and attract the best talent available. This client centric approach has proven to be both time and cost effective in reaching candidates who would not otherwise have been aware of our client's opportunities.

A relevant solution

Headhunting offers a relevant solution to today’s graduate recruitment problems. 

The number of graduates continues to grow, but the increase in graduate numbers is not matched by an increase in the quality of graduates, arguably the reverse.

The ‘dumbing down’ of educational qualifications at both 'A' and degree level makes the evaluation of candidates increasingly difficult.

Graduates as a group are becoming more and more demanding in what they require from prospective employers both during the recruitment stage and afterwards.

A unique, cost effective and trouble free option

Whilst volume recruiters and large organisations have found ways to cut evaluation costs through online processes, many still face great difficulty in communicating their brand message and attracting applicants of sufficient quality.  For lower volume recruiters with much smaller budgets, communicating brand is even more difficult, and processing applications is resource intensive and disruptive.

Graduate headhunting offers a unique way for organisations - big or small - to identify and attract their required numbers of graduates in a cost effective and trouble free manner.

Through our extensive university networks we target the graduates that meet your criteria. We ensure that a sufficient number of suitable candidates become interested in pursuing your opportunities. We do not rely on advertising to attract interest.

We have a global network of contacts built up over twenty years with University and Business School academic and administrative staff and their Careers Services.

We are able to ensure that we approach candidates from a wide variety of universities and courses (as agreed with you in advance) to ensure that our candidates are from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We develop personal and interactive relationships with candidates. People find this refreshingly different to more impersonal methods and it gives us an opportunity to bring your company and opportunity alive. It also enables us to assess the suitability of the candidate and allows us to dispel doubts and misconceptions as they arise.

A fundamental part of our service is our consultative advice on the overall graduate recruitment strategy. We ensure that any recruitment campaign is effective, professional and seamless. We are experienced in providing a number of ancillary services such as psychometric testing and assessment centre design/management which allows clients to tailor their support as needed.

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